Veteran Military Mentors was created and is under the direction of the CEO, Joshua Bates. Mr. Bates has a diverse background and unique experiences, which are infused into this professional mentoring program. As a decorated Marine Combat Veteran and former Deputy Sheriff, he has a passion for training and providing the best possible start for men and women who volunteer to serve our nation and protect citizens.

Veteran Military Mentors is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and is directed by the CEO, CFO and COO who serve on the board of directors. The company's organizational structure provides for regional (East and West of the Mississippi River) and state directors. The state directors are empowered to assist local mentors within the operational areas of the state they are in and they report to the regional director. The regional directors report directly to the board.

Mentors are encouraged to interact with the enlistee on a family level, meaning that they should try to include any interested family member with the mentoring process. The mentors are encouraged to involve family when it is appropriate and have a policy of transparency when it comes to the parent's or legal guardian's future service member. Typical enlistees are adults and if they request that a mentor does not include family, it is their prerogative to be exclusive with the mentor. It should be noted that exclusive of the enlistee, there is a dedicated portion of the website that is specifically for parents to provide them clarity on the enlistment process and what their son or daughter is going through. Parents and guardians will never be left in the dark about their loved one's future and their path; we will always strive to provide a high level of service to the parents or guardians as their loved ones move on with their career.

CEO's Message

I can't thank you enough for allowing Veteran Military Mentors to be a part of your legacy. The military is a selfless, noble and heroic venture to embark on and I am proud of every one of the people that volunteers this time in their lives to make our country secure. On this site, you are in the midst of greatness. There are precious few sites, on the internet or in the world, where collaboration exists between an entry level military person, and honorably discharged veterans, some of whom are highly decorated combat veterans…true heroes. In this forum of mentorship, the barriers of rank are transcended. The mentors in this program are interested in the overall health and effectiveness of the military and strive to send the very best candidates to carry on the traditions of greatness. This is why they are willing to spend time in this worthy cause; the enlistees give us all something to believe in.

I was mentored at Venice High School in Venice, FL by a tremendous staff of Marine Corps JROTC instructors. The skills I took from the course were incredible, but the life lessons learned from one-on-one time with the instructors was priceless. The little things like hygiene, uniform maintenance hints, and goal setting were given in a stress free way that really benefitted me during stressful times. They taught me about attention to detail; it seems that how a uniform is folded is more of an art than a science and how neglecting to turn the chimes off on your digital watch can be a life ending mistake during a patrol. Knowing how to shave, shower, use the restroom, prepare for tomorrow, write letters home, and teach are all valuable skills that I learned well before I went to Parris Island. They are all skills taught to me, outside of the parameters of the JROTC coursework, by mentors that wanted to see me succeed and make a positive mark on the Marine Corps and the military as a whole. I was the Company Honor Graduate from 3rd Battalion, India Company, Platoon 3016. I owe that accomplishment to many people, but my mentors made the greatest impact.

The amount of time a mentor spends with a mentee is not dictated by Veteran Military Mentors; the amount of time spent together is dictated by the mentor/mentee team. The benefit is learning from every encounter and making the most of time spent together. Whether on the phone, internet, or in person, the meetings should be of benefit to all the parties involved. It may turn out that the mentee doesn't even know how much they have been helped until later on in their military career. This is a formative time, and the lessons may come to light after experiences are gained.

I thank all of the people involved in this program. The program is yours to gain from if you choose to do so. We have volunteers, staff and a board that are dedicated to success, so please contact us if you have a suggestion or a concern of any kind. This program is designed for all of us that want to see our military continue to be the greatest decision for a young person to make. It is designed for all of us that want the military to continue to improve by sending the best possible candidate to volunteer on our behalf. It is designed for all of those who choose to take the torch and run their share on America's behalf.

All my best,

Joshua Bates


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