Benefits of Being Paired With A Mentor

The benefits of being paired with a mentor are tangible and intangible. A visible value cannot be placed on the bond created between a role model and the person looking to them for guidance. The benefits that can be seen are:

In most cases, very successful companies have a mentoring program and only the very best in that company are asked to share their expertise.  Generally, those being mentored are the very best in the company; they have the highest potential to carry on successful traditions and learn the most effective ways to operate from their mentors.  

This professional mentorship is no different. Veteran Military Mentors asks the best veterans our country has to offer to share their experiences with the best military candidates our country has to offer. This is a unique opportunity for the enlistee to enhance their preparation by getting an inside look at the career they have chosen. The hope is that alumnus from the Veteran Military Mentors program will carry on the tradition of this mentorship, and they will do their very best to ensure high quality and professionalism for those brave enough to take this path.

Requirements For Becoming a Mentee

The requirements for being mentored in the Veteran Military Mentors program are:



Fostering Genuine Relationships

Relationships come in all varieties. The relationship that is created between the mentor and the enlistee can vary depending on the personality traits of each person. The obvious common trait is the fact that they are forging a common life path through service in the military. The future vision of Veteran Military Mentors is to create a database that will compare and match mentors with enlistees based upon criteria such as branch of service, gender, officer or enlisted, and military academy, to name just a few. The database will automatically generate a list of mentors, and enlistees can contact a mentor to start the process.

It is important to note that the mentors have already been a success in the military and the enlistees are vying to have future success. It is absolutely imperative that the enlistees put forth as much, or more, effort to foster a great relationship and take advantage of the opportunity to work with an experienced veteran. Mentors are volunteers and when they provide their experience it is a completely philanthropic act. The mentors are not to be seen as portals to somehow shortcut the preparation system. Plainly said, the mentors can't do the work for the enlistees; they can't make the enlistee lose weight, run, do pull-ups, or eat correctly. They can't make the enlistee read books or study materials provided by the recruiters. The enlistee is creating their life; the mentor is just another asset to improve their chances of success. Being self-motivated is one of the foundational traits of being in the military.


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