What Does a Mentor Do?

Every enlistee has a fear of the unknown. The unknowns of boot camp or basic training, military lifestyle, how their unit will treat them, if they will be accepted by their command and peers, and so on. No matter what the unknown is, the mentor will certainly have insight into how the system works. The mentor also has knowledge of how to get ahead in the military; education, financial management advice, priorities and how to give priorities to personal life goals. The question is usually, “…isn’t that what the recruiter is for?” Yes and no. The recruiter is the person who qualifies an enlistee for the military. Enlistees are tested, physically evaluated and undergo a background screening before they are allowed to enter the military. The recruiter also assists with getting the enlistee into a job or Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). In addition to that, the recruiter is tasked with keeping the enlistee within the minimum standards of military entrance while they are in the Delayed Entry Program (DEP). Recruiters have a daunting task and they do their best to provide a certain level of mentorship at the level of the recruiting office and it is performed extremely well.

Veteran Military Mentors provides a professional level of guidance and advice to the enlistee they are matched with in a “one-on-one” learning environment. Honorably discharged veterans are a wealth of information and are equipped to teach the entire necessary basic training curriculum provided by the recruiting office. Talking points are also given to the mentors so that dialogue is encouraged. The mentor is encouraged to talk about the importance of preparation and mindset. A strong mindset is crucial to the success of any person going into the military environment.  Recruiting advertisement and recruiting office functions can be great motivational tools for an enlistee; the mentor can enhance that motivation with real world experience and vast knowledge of how the system really works.

Requirements for Becoming a Mentor

Mentoring is about coaching and being a positive role model.  Any person who is interested in being a mentor should fill out the interest questionnaire and they will be evaluated by the board or an appointee of the board.
Being a mentor is a completely selfless act that is shrouded in goodwill.  Being affiliated with Veteran Military Mentors is a way to pass your life experiences to a person following your path.

The definition of “Legacy”:  “Anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.”


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